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Suggested Stats - Villigoph

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Suggested Stats - Villigoph Empty Suggested Stats - Villigoph

Post by Villigoph on Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:35 am

Ok what if you made these stats?

Everyone's bound to have 25 hearing. The characters that hear gunfire or other actions will walk tords the scene.
Hearing's the same as range but different. Increase by +5 per lvl

Sight Seeing
Everyone can see from a 25 distance aye? so this skill will increase it +5 per lvl. And will go towards anything moving in the area they've seen the player last.

The more of this makes other characters walk tords the noise to see what's going on. All character's damage does 50 noise.
This effect works on hearing. Increase this to increase the noise +5.

Reduce Noise
The more of this lowers the sound of noise by -5 since everyone starts with 50 noise.

I also noticed your range weapons
They all seem like noise type weapons. Maybe adding some noise to them will make em a little more realistic.
Minigun will be the highest noise as well as that chainsaw.

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