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Imbue Items Empty Imbue Items

Post by RavenQueen on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:40 am

Give me an item and I'll enchant it for a price, but careful, I may curse it as well.
Commands "Imbue (item name)"

+12,000 Kudos per rarity on that item.
+1000 Kudos cost equal to the size.
+250 Kudos per lvl on that item.
If all of the requirements are met, I'll shape your fate...

I use dark based magic, so your results are mostly darkness and stealthy imbues
I rarely do elemental imbues... That costs extra! 12,000 kudos extra...
I don't make imbues on foods or precious resources...
You can hire some chef to do that or something, hopefully things turn out the way you want it but I suck at making food so you're asking the wrong person for that kind of thing.

If you can afford any of this, my ravens will pay your place a little visit...
Don't blame me though, they act independently and steal only from the richest and rarely from the poor.

Oh and I'll also gain exp for this, sorry to tell you so late, but if you dare so much as to haggle me, I'll personally steal from you...
But If I like you, I'll do this for free... *Blushes evil like*

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