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Post by Dr.Kran on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:45 am

Get'n started
Your first first pack's free!

How does this work?
I personally take the cards out of random hats, so don't fuss about getting awful units.
The good news is, there's a chance that you can get a pack with only rares or extra units.

Other options.
You get 700 Kudos
You can pick 1 here, you can also buy individual units in stock if you're not interested in get'n random stuff and buy from there.

Starterpacks Packag29
Cost: 3000 Kudos
What keeps you up at night, What eats a chimney from the inside, do tell is your worst fear?...
Roll the dice, see what you'll get...

Starterpacks Packag30
Cost: 1500 Kudos
You seek the skill to construct your own empire, If that's the case this is the pack for you.
You'll get 2 followers and an unique follower.

Starterpacks Packag27
Cost: 750 Kudos
The default package has everything a starter commander needs.
You get 3 basic characters, and a chance to get 2 or more unique followers.

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